Bolt Labs

Developing the future of transaction technology

Private, Instant, Feeless Blocklattice





Share your data with who you want when you want while always-on privacy protects you from hackers and mother malicious actors.


Faster transactions than a credit card  mean seamless purchases for users and no delays for your business.



No transaction fees save your company money while opening up doors for IOT, microtransactions, and the global unbanked.



Bolt partner company and DFO users form the economic base of Bolt and are critical to long term value and growth. These users can raise issues directly with Bolt's partners and DFOs through internal and public forums.


Bolt DFOs (DAO Funded Organizations) use proposals to apply for grants from the Bolt DAO. They then pass on the Bolt they receive to fund grants for artists, unbanked individuals, and Bolt oriented businesses. Bolt DFOs also fund research into new technologies for Bolt. Anyone can form a Bolt DFO simply by announcing it on a public forum and submitting a funding proposal.


The Bolt DAO (Democratic Autonomous Organization) is a network of masternodes owned by companies and private individuals. Masternodes earn staking rewards in Bits to grant to their users The masternode operators also control the future of Bolt. They are responsible for funding DFOs and decide which organizations to fund.


Blockchain for Business

Your Company's Personal BLockchain

Grant loyalty points with Masternodes

Accept Bolt from all users

Interoperate with other companies and their customers through Bolt's global ledger.

Team Background


Alexander Rafalovich Sr

Founder, Adviser

Received his Masters from MIT in civil and environmental engineering. International engineer focused on the Middle East. Early investor in bitcoin. Launched Bolt to solve problems with global transactions.


Alexander Rafalovich Jr

Founder, CEO

Graduate student in Art and Technology at CalArts. Built various private tools for trading cryptocurrencies. Transforming block-lattice to create a currency that can scale globally while preserving privacy.


Mengyuan Chen

Founder, CCO

MFA Art & Tech candidate at CalArts. Indie game developer and statistician. Early bitcoin enthusiast bridging the gap between art and cryptocurrency.


Joshua Primiano

Community Executive

Masters student at University of Chicago in political science and philosophy. Early investor in The DAO and other Ether startups. Wrote for online publications on Ethereum and DApps. Founder of DApp for investors.


John Mars


Received Masters from Carnegie Mellon and Bachelors from RISD. Worked at the Disney Research lab as Senior Creative Technologist. Specializes in C/C++ software and interactive experiences.


Liting Xiao


PhD candidate at Caltech. Discovered gravitational waves with her team. Currently using scientific computation to improve data pipeline for gravitational wave detectors.


Almoir Favero


PhD candidate at Stanford University. Lead developer Researching applications of continuum mechanics and computational methods to study granular materials.


Shuang Zhao

Business Analyst

Finished her MS from Colombia University in 2017. Writes code for AIG as an Acturial Analyst. Developed novel algorithim for controlling cardia arrhthmia. Bridges business and software.




Bolt Block-Lattice

The block-lattice technology as specified by the Bolt Protocol is complete. The block-lattice allows Bolt's partners and their users to conduct transactions instantly with zero fees. From now on, the technology undergoes additional security audits while work begins on adding privacy and masternodes to finish implementation of the Bolt Protocol.

Announce Bolt Artist Grants

Artist grants for artwork, music, and venues creates an ecosystem that transacts in Bits, Bolt's currency for users. At this time, The Bolt Foundation begins collecting applications for grants to be given out in the fall.

Company Trials

The first trial sales of future Bolt masternodes are purchased by companies and private individuals interested in testing and participating in Bolt Lab's future global transaction currency.


Unbanked Trials

Bolt Labs begins trials with NGOs servicing individuals lacking access to financial services. The first trial will be conducted in traditional communites around Bangkok.


Artist Grants

The first artist grants are given out by the Bolt foundation. Artist grants provide a way for influencers to begin using Bolt to make daily purchases, creating a market demand for merchants that accept Bits, Bolt's currency for users, and bootstrapping the Bolt ecosystem. Bolt artist venues provide a place for artists and their clientele to exchange Bits.

Light and Mobile Wallets

Light wallets can be integrated int Bolt's partner apps, giving their users the ability to transact in Bits, Bolt's currency for users, without ever installing any other software. Mobile and light wallets are also critical for Bolt's unbanked communities, which lack access to desktops, and for Bolt artist venues, easing the process of transacting in Bits.



Privacy and Masternodes

Masternodes and privacy features are interdependent and rolled out simultaneously. From this point forward, Bolt's always on privacy protects all users from bad actors such as stalkers and hackers who are able to track all transactions on public blockchains. The creation of masternodes allow the management of Bolt Grants to be gradually transferred from the Bolt Foundation to the Bolt DAO.

Bolt Business grants

Bolt Business grants are to support small businesses which accept Bits. With an already established customer base created by the artist grants and Bolt's NGO and private partners, merchants will see actual transactions occur with Bolt as opposed to other cryptocurrency projects where few real transactions ever occur.


Bolt DAO

The Bolt DAO begins full operation. The Bolt DAO funds organizations such as the Bolt Foundation that are either promoting Bolt, developing the Bolt ecosystem, or developing Bolt's technology. In turn, these organizations may give out grants to other businesses or individuals depending on their particular mission statement. This decentralized structure creates a resilient ecosystem that allows masternode operators, Bolt funded organizations, and the end users to each have a say in how the Bolt ecosystem is managed and run.


NGO grants

Bolt will not just provide the technology to unbanked persons to conduct feeless transactions, but also provide the funds to do so. By providing grants to NGOs servicing unbanked communities, the unbanked now can enter the global economy with the resources to improve their lives.



GUI for DAO proposals

The GUI for DAO proposals allows a non-technical audience to submit proposals to the Bolt DAO, lowering the barrier of entry to the general user.


Bolt merchant partners

With an already established ecosystem of merchants and consumers using Bolt, the next step is to provide grants to merchant partners who wish to expand Bolt to a much wider consumer base.



Grants to organizations promoting and using Bolt

The Bolt DAO's structure allows it to continue providing grants to those that both need funding and can use it to improve the Bolt ecosystem. Grants are given primarily to consumers and business that will spend Bolt, meaning a transfer of wealth to economically disadvantaged individuals who are more likely to use Bolt to transact than to save it. The long term value of Bolt is determined not by speculation but by how widely it is used.

New advances in privacy, cryptography, and blockchain

The Bolt DAO allows Bolt to capture the last-mover advantage in blockchain technology. With a steady stream of funding, the DAO can generously fund organizations that are developing the latest research in quantum proof algorithims, new privacy techniques, and blockchain technologies that scale even better than the block-lattice.